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One Day Mombasa City Tour


Mombasa, the second-largest city in Kenya has a population of over one million people. Lying on the Indian Ocean, it is a major seaport with an international airport. The city is the centre of the coastal tourism industry.Mambasa is the original Arabic name of the city. In Swahili it is Kisiwa Cha Mvita (or mvita for short), meaning “Island of War” due to many wars for ownership by invaders.
Mombasa is separated from the mainland by two creeks-Tudor Creek and Kilindini Harbor. The Island is connected to the mainland to the north by Nyali Bridge, to the south by the Likoni ferry and to the west by the Makupa Causeway, alongside which runs the Kenya-Uganda railway. The port serves both Kenya and neighboring landlocked countries linking them to the ocean.

Mombasa traces its origin to two rulers in oral history:Mwana mkisi(female)and Shehe Mvita .Shehe Mvita superseded the dynasty of Mwana Mkisi.He established his own town on Mombasa Island.Shehe Mvita is remembered as a Muslim of great learning and urban settlement on Mombasa Island is still linked to him.


This is the largest animals sanctuary in Mombasa. Once a barren limestone quarries from years of mining, today it is a thriving coastal forest. its success is largely due to Rene Haller,an agro forester who since 1970s has been the force behind its transformation.
There are four nature routes in the Forest for cycling, jogging, walking and fitness.
The Forest Trails began as a”one million tree project”in 1986 along the stretch between the plant and Shanzu.A3.6km leisurely walk takes you through lush forest, lakes,stream,palms grooves and plantations of indigenous trees. Animals such as giraffes, antelopes, herd of eland and Oryx can be seen.

Situated in Nyali, close to Haller Park, it is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm. A tour of the farm starts with a film on the life cycle and behavior of crocodile, followed by a tour of the crocodile-ville.it ends with the highlight of the day: a spectacular scene of blood –thirsty crocodiles in frenzy during feeding time.You will be picked from your hotel at around 8.00 am and drive to Mombasa, a distance of 30 kms from Diani arriving at around 8.30am. Visit the Akamba hand craft (where you will learn about the wood carvings). Akamba hand craft is one of the largest wood carvings industry and market in Kenya. There after, visit the Indian temple where you will learn about the Hinduism and Lord Swaminarayan and Lord Rama. You will also have the chance to see the elephant tusks which are found along Moi Avenue built in 1952 in the memory of King George of England during the British colonial period. During this time Queen Elizabeth was in Kenya where she became the Queen of England after the death of King George.

Visit the Fort Jesus which was built by the Portuguese in 1593 by architecture from Goa. It later became the government prison during the British colonial period in 1947. Fort Jesus was named fort because the Portuguese were Christians and they sailed with the flag of Jesus. It was built mainly for protection and to control the harbor of Mombasa. There arose war between the Arabs and the Portuguese from 1593 - 1729 where many of them died due to starvation and yellow fever.

You will also explore the old town where you will walk along the narrow streets and visit the old harbor where you will see the old Arabic boats and one of the oldest mahindry mosque found near the old harbor. Proceed to the market where you will learn about the food spices, foods and vegetables. Meet different traders buying and selling different types of goods. Proceed for lunch at the centre of Mombasa city or by request, at Tamarind restaurant which is built on the shores of the Indian Ocean on the northern coast.

After lunch, visit the Haller park where you may feed the giraffes, see the crocodiles and hippos feeding. This is private sanctuary owned and managed by Dr. Haller. The landscape is attractive covered by casuarinas, bamboos and eucalyptus trees. The animals are harmless and feel as if in paradise because they have enough food and water. It’s a home to buffalos, eland antelopes, giraffes, water bucks, oryx, snakes, crocodiles, hippos, tortoise and different types of birds’ species. Mombasa is an island covering an area of 20km2 and the second largest city in Kenya after Nairobi. It has a bridge to the north side (North coast), the ferry to the south (south coast) which ferries people to and from Mombasa city and to the west Causeway. Mombasa also has the largest and the most busy sea port in east and central Africa. Drive back to the Hotel at around 5.00 pm.